Oscar Louise's journey would not have been possible without the constant help, love, guidance and support of all those individuals – musicians, close friends, family, artist, technicians – that did feed me with their energy, brilliant thoughts and presence. My gratitude to all of them!


Special thanks to Michael Frei, for the treasure he just laid in my hands. And the talented artist and other friends that joined or followed the journey: Fabrizio di Donato, Chris Diggelman, Julien Feltin, Fabien Sevilla, Max Zampieri, the Barbouze de chez Fior Girls & Poilue, Hervé Mermillod, « Gandalf le Blanc », Christophe, Flavia, Claudia, Cedric Widmer, Julie Monot, Charlotte, Carmen Jaquier, Denis Maillefer, Martine, Jean-Marc, Eliane, Sarah, Jeanne, Bubi, Emmanuelle, Silvia, Jean-Pierre, Cecilia, Gérard, Josiane, and above all my sweet Jules.


This record is dedicated to Jules, my big little sunshine.


I'd like to thank "Ville de Lausanne", "Ville de Pully" and the dear friends that did support financially Oscar Louise:


Sylvia & Jean Pierre Hamel, Gérard & Josianne Dubi, Monika & Fred Rieder, Chris & Gérard Strickler, Christophe Dubi, Maurice & Karen Hamel, Patrick Stalder, Csilla & Pierre Horvath-Rouault, Martine & Gilbert Felli, Sabine & Marc Corminboeuf, Diane Sacco & Franklin Servan Schreiber, Jean Philippe Hogge, Reto Gfeller, Claude Farine, Aziadé & Alexandre Poltier, Eric & Rosine Ramel, Laurent Amy, Pierre Ducrey, Patrick Mestelan.


The association Autour de Louise has been created to finance Oscar Louise’s CD, concerts, videos and promotional support. You can help by donating and joining the supporter's list!


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